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Supply of Engineering Samples to China and South Korea

Supply of Engineering Samples to China and South Korea


Masterlube Systems Limited  has recently supplied engineering prototype samples to agriculture equipment customers in China and South Korea. By doing this, MSL hopes to expand its market in Asia and gain new customers.

Chris Hutchinson, General Manager of Masterlube Systems Limited says: “We are looking forward to seeing the response of the customers, based on the results of the installation of the lubrication system on the agriculture equipment.”

The North Asia Agricultural Marketplace

The North Asia market, which includes China and South Korea, accounts for 20% of the world’s population and GDP, but it is even more important in terms of agricultural trade. The North Asia region is responsible for 28% of the world’s agricultural imports, and it is a growth market that is predicted to expand rapidly in the next four decades.

Demand Grows in North Asia

As the demand for agricultural machinery and equipment grows in North Asia, Masterlube Systems Limited hopes to establish itself as a leading supplier in the region. With the addition of a new 3D printer to our manufacturing workshop, we will continue to remain competitive in the global marketplace, which will help us attract new customers in China, South Korea and other countries in Asia.


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