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How 3D Printing Has Improved Our Productivity

How 3D Printing Has Improved Our Productivity


Why Did the Company Invest in a 3D Printer?

3D printing technology is relatively new, but it offers a number of major advantages to companies such as ours, who work with steel and plastic products. A 3D printer speeds up the conceptual understanding of how our steel and plastic products work. It helps us to visualise what a finished design will look like, so any problems in the design stage can be ironed out quickly and economically.

The benefit of using 3D printing technology is twofold: on the one hand, a 3D printer saves us a lot of time when producing prototypes, and on the other, this time saving leads to huge cost savings, which we can pass along to our clients. 3D printing is also a lot less wasteful since manufacturing using plastic and metal can often lead to a surplus of materials.

What is the 3D Printer Used For?

We use our 3D printer to create engineering prototypes as part of the research and development of new and modified designs.

How Long Does the 3D Printing Process Take?

3D printing can produce exactly the same prototypes as a traditional manufacturing method, but the time taken to achieve a completed product is minimal. Before we invested in a 3D printer it would take us up to a day to produce a prototype based on a design. Now it takes as little as half an hour to produce a fully operational prototype.

What Products Have You Produced on the 3D Printer Recently?

One of our most recent prototype products created as a result of 3D printing technology is a new electric oil pump, which was produced for Masterlube.

We are very happy with our new 3D printer and we are sure our customers will be very happy with the results too!

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